Skyrim Performance Mod

Skyrim Performance Mod 1.1

Speed-up Skyrim with this mod


  • Speeds-up Skyrim frame rate
  • Allows slower computers to play on higher graphic settings


  • No auto install and uninstall

Very good

Skyrim Performance Mod accelerates the frame rate of the role-playing game Elder Scrolls v Skyrim - Hot Pursuit.

This enables a much faster Skyrim gaming experience, particularly on slower machines. To install Skyrim Performance Mod simply unzip the file d3d9.dll and copy it to the Hot Pursuit game directory. It's advisable to make a backup of the original file beforehand however.

Skyrim should then run much faster, especially on older computers and for a more fluid game with higher graphics settings. Note that this mod is designed to work with accelerated graphics cards from both nVidia and ATI.

Speed-up your Skyrim gaming experience with Skyrim Performance Mod.

Skyrim Performance Mod


Skyrim Performance Mod 1.1

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